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2024 Events-  We support and donate to a non profit I created called CollectiveWellness.Foundation.  It's mission: to foster collective wellness through educating in a holistic approach for the people in Puerto Rico, California and all over the world. We bring in teachers from all over to help community.  Find out how you can be a part of it or to donate. 

July Cacao Ceremony

May 25 Wolfe Tribe Beach Party with Cacao and Connection Puerto Rico RSVP by HERE

May 18 Mind Expansion Ceremony PR (Full, waitlist started)

May 15 Addiction Discussion with Chris A., In Person, Humacao, Puerto Rico   RSVP HERE

May 12 Empowerment Women Workshop with Min , Online RSVP HERE

May 11 Mind Expansion Ceremony (full)

April 24 Healing through Harmony with Dr Kripa, a children's music class, In Person Humcacao, Puerto Rico RSVP HERE

April 27 Mind Expansion Ceremony PR  (full)

April 20 Private Ceremony

March 17 Private Ceremony 

Feb 10- 17 Metamorphosis Retreat Puerto Rico, Cacao, Breathwork Sound Ceremony,  Kambo, Tea Ceremony, Silent Meditation in the Rainforest, Water Releasing and Honoring Ceremony- for more info email us

Feb 4 Free to community Cacao and Connection, Humacao, Puerto Rico- to rsvp

Jan 13, 20, 27 Ceremony Puerto Rico

Jan 7 Conscious Wolfe Tribe Fire and Potluck, California 


Dec 23 Ceremony SF Bay Area

Dec 2 Ceremony PR

Nov 4 Ceremony Puerto Rico 

Nov 1 and 2 White Wolfe Breathwork Facilitator Level 1 Puerto Rico and Online anytime

Oct 21 Sound Healing Fundraiser Event Puerto Rico 

Sept 9 Free Cacao and Community Ceremony

August 12 White Wolfe Experience Ceremony California

June 24 Private Ceremony Puerto Rico 

June 17 Private Ceremony Puerto Rico

May 21 -Birthday Beach Party with Mini Cacao Ceremony, Puerto Rico

April 22  Cacao Breathwork Sound Ceremony, SF Bay Area, California  

April 24 Private Wedding Cacao Ceremony, Maui Hawaii

March 22- March 27  ALL 16 spots FULL- Metamorphosis Retreat, Puerto Rico The White Wolfe Experience Full Body, Mind, Spirit Recalibration and full potential Activation 

Feb 26  Cacao Breathwork Sound Ceremony, SF Bay Area, California 

Jan 29   Cacao Breathwork Sound Ceremony, Humacao, Puerto Rico


2022 Events

12/10 Cacao Breathwork Sound Ceremony, Humacao, PR

12/4  Breathwork Meditation, San Juan PR

11/26 Cacao Breathwork Sound Ceremony, Humacao, Puerto Rico (Gift to Community Healing Group)

11/13   Cacao Breathwork Sound Ceremony, Humacao, Puerto Rico

11/4- 11/5 Sound Healing in Miami, Florida   Psychedelic Conference

10/23 Cacao Breathwork Sound Ceremony, Ibiza, Spain

09/17 Cacao Breathwork Sound Ceremony, San Jose, California

08/27 (Special Plant Medicina)Kona Hawaii  

08/09 Cacao Breathwork Sound Ceremony, Santa Cruz, SF Bay Area

07/23 Cacao Breathwork Sound Ceremony, San Jose, California

7/13/22 White Wolfe Breathwork with Talk about your PURPOSE

06/30 Cacao Breathwork Sound Ceremony and ( Special Plant Medicina), Kona Hawaii  

05/07 Cacao Breathwork Sound Ceremony, Humacao, Puerto Rico

6/21/22 5:30pm PST- 6:30pm online-Meditation Prayer for Summer Solstice
The summer solstice is a time with powerful energies of the longest day of the year! The sun and Earth align to assist the growth of all things to come to their fullest potential.   We come together to pray and give thanks for our bodies, enlightenment, abundance, love and the joy of living on this beautiful Mother Gaia. In gratitude we manifest more of the above.  This  talk is a gift from White Wolfe. 

05/07 Cacao Breathwork Sound Ceremony, Humacao, Puerto Rico

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