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Lives Changed. Forever.

Jacqueline Lopez, Founder of

Albert Polanco, Founder of Web3 

Sunny Wang, Financial Advisor 

Christina has been a life changing friend and facilitator for change in my life. She creates a container and space for everyone to feel safe and comfortable going deeper and getting very vulnerable in ways I've never been able to. I've never experienced anything or anyone like Christina as a facilitator. My first encounter with her was a breathwork ceremony that completely changed the trajectory of my life. I was so deeply impacted by that first encounter and it set the stage for the deepest connections of my life with myself, with others and with the love of my life.  I ended up going on a full retreat put on by Christina which even further transformed my life. Since that retreat I have never been the same, I dropped close to 30 lbs, I've changed my relationship to food, I've deepened my connection to myself and my spirituality. I've experienced once in a lifetime soul level connection. I will continue to go to any events Christina facilitates each time as I receive something so deep and profound that is hard to put in words. Witnessing the transformations of others in ceremonies is something also so special that I've never seen before. People open up and confront lifelong deep traumas in a genuinely transformational way. I highly recommend Christina White Wolfe and her events if you are ready for some transformation and connection on a much deeper level. After a ceremony with Christina, there is always a clarity that I feel, a higher vibration feeling, I feel connected to my higher self and to the universe. My life has not been easy since I started this journey with Christina I have faced the hardest times of my entire life since my first ceremony, but I have come through and faced these times with new abilities to go inward and find the answers I need as well as soul level friends to lean on. I have been able to navigate my hardest periods in my life in ways I NEVER could have without my experiences with Christina. What I also really appreciate about Christina is that she always says she is not the guru, she is not the healer or hero who saves you, she is just a guide who creates the right space and safe container that allows you to go deep and connect with yourself and what ever you believe to be bigger than yourself and this connection is what heals, what creates transformation and clarity. It's truly unbelievable what I've experienced and what I've seen happen through Christina White Wolfe I am so grateful to have met her and to have taken the chance in going to her events and her retreat. 

Albert, Web3Advisor  

I’ve attended just one of your cacao ceremonies, last February. In our few hours together, I had a transformative experience.

You lifted me up so high into the light, Love, you led me into a deep state of inner awareness, helped me tap into a powerhouse inside previously only glimpsed in psychedelic journeys. I dreamed big, I believed! My eyes and heart were so open! Your voice, your music, your profound loving words of truth and encouragement! What happened after the breathwork… what was that? 🤩 I was undulating, speaking in tongues! I was in bliss! I felt so at home, never more aware of my truth as a light being

Holy shit!

It was like, you were here to wake us up… time to go intergalactic ❤️

Spending those hours with you took me off planet and back into source.

I cherish you, teacher, for showing up and offering this portal of knowing to me to step into

You’re helping this Momma ascend

Thank you for sharing the hard stuff, I feel you. I’m in awe of what a dynamo you are, and know first hand about the guilt felt by a single mom for the time she spends on her own pursuits.

My kids told me that when I’m happy, I shine, I’m radiant, the most beautiful person on the whole planet.

They’re happy to see us happy, fulfilled, burning with passion, in love with life

I’m grateful to have met you, you blessed my whole life, confirmed truth as Love, way seer, lamp lighter

Love you 🙏❤️🖖

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