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Christina WHITE WOLFE can assist in releasing what no longer serves you and assists you in reaching your highest potential.   She has an amazing intuitive gift that empowers people and assists in removing blockages to help people move forward in life.  She helps bring clients from beta brain wave state to a theta brain wave state which is a light meditation to access higher consciousness, clarity, finding their purpose through breathwork, bodywork with meridians and sound.  Many have said her work is like years worth of therapy in less than a day.  

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Facilitator Training



  • Private Life Coaching

  • Whole Body Recalibration Breathwork and Bodywork Massage

  • Private Group Cacao Breathwork and Sound Journey Ceremony for weddings, birthdays, corporate events

  • Create a retreat with me or invite me to your wellness center

  • Speaking Engagements with option of having Breathwork Sound Journey 

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