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in the Rainforest VORTEX

March 23 thurs- March 27 mon

Early bird Savings for the Metamorphosis Retreat 

  • 15% OFF!!!  If you register and pay in full before 3/8

  • Bring a partner/friend and share a bed and both get 30% off (3/8)

  • 30% OFF!! for single parents ends 3/8

  • And month by month payment $450/month is available for all



Hi beautiful being!!! We welcome you to this life changing amazing high vibrational retreat on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.  Beautiful blue skies and water. Tranquil rainforest. Only amazingness here... and oh yeah, no passport is needed for US folks! Puerto Rico is in a vortex, where manifestations can happen quickly and for the ones who have experienced the power of the Ceremonies with Christina White Wolfe, you already know it is beyond your wildest imagination what happens.  We will be staying in the rainforest right in the middle of the vortex. 

This will be a life changing time of your life and it will be very powerful and may be one of the most amazing experiences in your life.  It's time to be the most badass you can be in your highest potential that you were meant to be in this earth.  At this retreat we find out what truly makes us happy, we activate your abundance mindset, find your purpose in life, bring in the love you desire, finding clarity in your next steps, finally have peace, unblocking blockages,  reversing your age, letting go of guilt and trauma and reversing pain, have a full body, mind recalibration,  receiving wisdom to be more healthy,  letting go of what no longer serves you and feeling amazing!!!!    It's time. The work we do is beyond our beliefs and very effective in a very short amount of time.

This retreat is meant for the person who is ready to make a leap of faith on changing and ascending into a more fulfilling life of being the most badass you.   

​BUT… Only if you are ready.

Here is what you can expect from our retreat, but how impactful it is for you will be dependent on you and no one else.

Cacao, Breathwork and Sound Journey to gain clarity on next steps, find your purpose and release what no longer serves you

Empowerment Workshop with Shamanic Breathwork- to bring in that badass warrior 

White Wolfe Breathwork Level 1 and Level 2 Certification 

Cacao and Connection Dance

Silent Meditation in the Rainforest

Beautiful Beach to take in the sun 

Next level body detox with Juices 

Upgrade your entire life to new levels
















Jacqueline Lopez, Founder of                                    Sunny Wang, Financial Advisor

Wolfe has been a life changing friend and facilitator for change in my life. She creates a container and space for everyone to feel safe and comfortable going deeper and getting very vulnerable in ways I've never been able to. I've never experienced anything or anyone like Wolfe as a facilitator. My first encounter with her was a breathwork ceremony that completely changed the trajectory of my life. I was so deeply impacted by that first encounter and it set the stage for the deepest connections of my life with myself, with others and with the love of my life.  I ended up going on a full retreat put on by Wolfe which even further transformed my life. Since that retreat I have never been the same, I dropped close to 30 lbs, I've changed my relationship to food, I've deepened my connection to myself and my spirituality. I've experienced once in a lifetime soul level connection. I will continue to go to any events Wolfe facilitates each time as I receive something so deep and profound that is hard to put in words. Witnessing the transformations of others in ceremonies is something also so special that I've never seen before. People open up and confront lifelong deep traumas in a genuinely transformational way. I highly recommend Christina White Wolfe and her events if you are ready for some transformation and connection on a much deeper level. After a ceremony with Wolfe, there is always a clarity that I feel, a higher vibration feeling, I feel connected to my higher self and to the universe. My life has not been easy since I started this journey with Wolfe I have faced the hardest times of my entire life since my first ceremony, but I have come through and faced these times with new abilities to go inward and find the answers I need as well as soul level friends to lean on. I have been able to navigate my hardest periods in my life in ways I NEVER could have without my experiences with Wolfe. What I also really appreciate about Wolfe is that she always says she is not the guru, she is not the healer or hero who saves you, she is just a guide who creates the right space and safe container that allows you to go deep and connect with yourself and what ever you believe to be bigger than yourself and this connection is what heals, what creates transformation and clarity. It's truly unbelievable what I've experienced and what I've seen happen through Christina White Wolfe I am so grateful to have met her and to have taken the chance in going to her events and her retreat. 

Albert Polanco, Web3Advisor at








Christina White Wolfe has a warm and loving spirit that flows easily through all she does. She knows that love is the answer and helps us all open our hearts to move through life in a more inclusive manner. She has a special ability to help others calm their minds and open up to the real blocks that keep us from success. My session with her gave me insights that have helped me move beyond my self-imposed restrictions and I am grateful to her for that! Bonnie HarveyCo-Founder of Barefoot Wines 

I was privileged to have an individual session with Christina White Wolfe.  Though I cannot describe the sequence of events that helped me clear decades-long challenges, what I can say is that Christina’s guidance helped me understand the current estrangements in my life and clear away some of the vestiges of anger and trauma from my past.  

I have had throat problems for years:  Christina did a multi-dimensional chakra clearing, and I connected with my ancestral pain and was able to vocally release that.  I felt a shift in my throat energy, and I’m anticipating what that will bring in my daily life.  

I processed in ONE visit what has taken me decades to understand in therapy.  She gets to the core of the emotional disturbances and guides you to release that which does not serve you.  I felt so peaceful, filled with clarity and alive after one of her sessions.  This is a [for lack of a better phrase] game-changer for me, and I plan on continuing to participate in any events I can with Christina.  Despite her monumental guidance, she is funny, kind and filled with compassionate understanding.  She is a bright light in this world and attracts those who seek light[ness] in their lives (like me).  Namaste.  Eva P

I've had the honor, privilege and pleasure to work with Christina White Wolfe several times. She addressed and allowed me to both free up psychological limitations that were keeping me stuck. She brings a sharp and grounded reverence to her work, honoring both the practical, mental aspects of healing.  Highly recommend you treat yourself and take a huge step forward in your healing, life and path by working with Christina.  Alexis L.


What is a Ceremony like?

Come together and experience this love bug medicine. I cannot put into words what happens at these ceremonies because it is beyond words. Love, understanding, peace, clarity, joy, release... all in a few hours. You just have to experience it. People have said it was surprisingly intense, releasing, one years worth of therapy in 1 hour, mediative, calm, peaceful, mind opening, next level and more... When you combine all three its amaaaazing!!!


CEREMONIAL GRADE CACAO has been used for thousands of years in sacred ceremonies to help us reach euphoric states of bliss, release what no longer serves us, and connect again to pure love heart energy for ourselves and others. It is chocolate in the pure raw unhybridized ceremonial grade form purchased from Guatemala. It is selectively harvested by a tribe of women and then I sing to it with love, happiness and clarity when preparing it.  

WHITE WOLFE BREATH WORK is an efficient, profound tool to release stress and obtain transformation on all levels- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This practice is able to increase the available energy in the physical body improve the clarity of the mind and allow a release of blocked emotional energy to gently uplight the spirit. Breath is the connection to TRUTH. 


SOUND HEALING is a universal statement for different instruments being used to raise the vibration of oneself. Instruments such as voice, drumming, and singing bowls help you obtain a meditative state in which to assist in your expansion of your consciousness. I bring you into a theta brain wave state of meditation. It is very likely you will sense peace and calm. It helps you move towards joy, peace, love....

VERY Limited Spots. 


If you are interested, please contact us for a call to see if this retreat is right for you. For a discovery call, contact us with times and dates you're available for a call.  Please put your time zone. 

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