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Founded in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2015 and expanding into Puerto Rico WHITE WOLFE , grew up in San Francisco, received her B.S in Managerial Economics at U.C Davis and dived head first in top investments firms such as Merrill Lynch Private Client, Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo Investments managing client relationships and millions of dollars for her clients.  Stress and a life crisis led her to seek for something more.   She sold everything and traveled the world learning and seeking truth.  She studied plant medicine in Peru, jungles of Costa Rica and Ecuador and in the Bay Area as well. She is educated in Shamanic Healing, Energy Medicine, Plant Medicine and Christ Consciousness.   She is certified in Clarity Breathwork I,II,III and has created her own White Wolfe Breathwork program to assist others. White Wolfe is also a Certified Health Coach and has been training in Krav Maga, Israeli Self Defense and other Mixed Martial Arts for over 9 years.

Christina White Wolfe assists you in leveling up in ALL sectors of your life through breathwork, plant medicines and other unique experiences.  These experiences helps in releasing stress in the most efficient way, open up creativity and to bring in clarity, peace and sometimes miraculous healings.  She helps bring clients from beta brain wave state to a theta/delta brain wave state which is a light meditation to access higher consciousness.  In this state of mind you can reprogram your brain and start dominating in all sectors of your life. White Wolfe accesses the light codes of your unique frequencies of your body.  Light codes are essentially the language of the soul. They carry the unique vibrational frequency of your soul and by understanding what your light codes are, you can begin to unlock your innate gifts and highest potentials.  Through singing and playing instruments she brings in the light codes to activate your body to remember its fullest potential.   White Wolfe facilitates life changing retreats, workshops and life coaching.  Recently White Wolfe started Collective Wellness Foundation, a non profit to foster collective wellness through educating in a holistic approach for the people in Puerto Rico, California and all over the world by focusing on mind, body, spirit wellness.   100% of all donations received is donated to Collective Wellness Foundation.

White Wolfe also started a program  to help children learn how to be kind and compassionate to one another, learn conscious emotional intelligence, learn confidence, social skills, learn basic living skills such as cooking and cleaning,  yoga, breathwork to release stress and trauma, self defense, bartering, marketing, sales, customer service, finance and self worth.  


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