Founded in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2015.

Christina WHITE WOLFE , grew up in San Francisco, received her B.S in Managerial Economics at U.C Davis and dived head first in top investments firms such as Merrill Lynch Private Client, Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo Investments managing client relationships and millions of dollars for her clients.  Stress and a life crisis led her to seek for something more.   She sold everything and traveled the world learning and seeking truth.  She studied plant medicine ceremonies in Peru, jungles of Costa Rica and Ecuador and in the Bay Area as well. She is educated in Shamanic Healing, Energy Medicine and is certified in Quantum Touch, a touch-based healing technique that uses the "chi" of both practitioner and client although most of her knowledge has been channeled.


Christina is the creator of WHITE WOLFE Breath Work and certified in Clarity Breathwork I,II,III.  She assists in releasing stress in the most efficient way, open up  creativity and to bring in clarity and peace.  She facilitates  monthly Cacao Breath work Sound Journey Ceremonies and life changing Retreats.  Christina also conducts private sessions to help release what no longer serves them and to bring in clarity and peace.  Her gift is that she empowers people and assists in removing blockages if it is in their highest good.  She has been known to help people reverse pain manifested in the 3D body and make amends with loved ones who have crossed.  She has the ability to access the Thoth Akashic records and give you messages from your HIGER SELF.  Through BREATHWORK she helps bring clients from beta brain wave state to a theta/delta brain wave state which is a light meditation to access higher consciousness.  Many have said her work is a year's worth of therapy in less than an hour.  If you are ready, then yes, it's true.