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A WHITE WOLFE EXPERIENCE is like no other.  It is combination of the White Wolfe Breathwork, a Transformative Sound Journey and can be combined with a powerful Cacao Ceremony or psychedelic.  


CEREMONIAL GRADE CACAO has been used for thousands of years in sacred ceremonies to help us reach euphoric states of bliss, release what no longer serves us, and connect again to nature, ourselves, truth.   It is chocolate in the pure raw unprocessed high grade form. Cacao has many minerals and very high in magnesium.  It is a heart opener. 


SOUND HEALING is a universal statement for different instruments being used to raise the vibration of oneself.  Different  modalities and instruments such as toning and singing bowls are used to help you obtain a meditative state in which to assist in your expansion of your consciousness. Our instruments are tuned to 432hz (the vibration of the earth) and most of our crystal bowls are infused with Moldavite (rare meteorite from 15 million years ago, the most powerful stone) to further amplify the mental, physical and spiritual connection/ healing. 


BREATHWORK  is a powerful efficient method which can bring clients from the beta brain wave state to a theta brain wave state which is a light meditation to access higher consciousness. In this state of mind you can reprogram your brain and access more of your fullest potential.

Most likely you will enter the theta brain wave state of meditation and reprogram your brain and experience one or more of the following:

  • releasing stress , anxiety, depression

  • opening up creativity

  • peace

  • deep rest

  • releasing old negative patterns

  • making amends with loved ones

  • the body feeling better

  • clarity on what to do next

  • aha moments that are life changing

  • manifesting abundance

  • manifesting love

  • reverse aging

  • more confidence and self love

  • and more!




Heart Opener Plant Medicine- Cacao (unprocessed chocolate) 

When you open the heart,

all is possible. 

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