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Private Ceremony for just you or your group 

Online, in person, or your private group ceremony











Christina WHITE WOLFE can assist in releasing what no longer serves you and helps you dominate in every sector of your life.  She is a channeler of Higher Consciousness and can provide intuitive messages from this life and past lives.  She has the ability to access the Akashic Thoth records, Christ Consciousness, Native American Collective Consciousness, ArcAngels and other powerful guides to assist in healing and obtaining clarity.  Her gift is that she empowers people and assists in removing blockages from people who seem to cannot move forward in life.  She helps bring clients from beta brain wave state to a theta brain wave state which is a light meditation to access higher consciousness.  Many have said her work is years worth of therapy in less than a day.   If you are ready, then yes, it's true. 

Private One on One Life Changing White Wolfe Experience for the Game Changer with Sacred Cacao Breathwork and Sound Journey-$1,111 and up (of mind blowing sacred Ceremony similar to ayahuasca but more gentle and without the psychedelics

- Full body scan and rebalancing of chakras

-Reverse aging and pain

-Psychic surgery to remove pain and energy blocks stuck in the body

-Private messages from the Akashic Records the Blockchain of life specific for you

-Masculine or feminine lineage healing

-Accessing and finding your spirit guides/ animal guides

-Finding your light language

- Harnessing the fire within to unleash the warrior beast

- Harnessing the Goddess/God full embodiment

-Reprogram the brain in the theta brainwave state to remove bad habits and replace with new habits that will help you dominate the world

-Reverse aging and pain

Private Group Sacred Cacao Breathwork and Sound Journey Ceremony for weddings, birthdays, corporate events- depending on number of people ($3,333 and up) 2 hours and up

Want to create a retreat? Private Retreat for your group- We will create the whole retreat, you just bring in the people and earn a percentage of the people you bring in. Contact us to collaborate

Want me to come to your retreat? Contact me to discuss. So honored you thought of me. 

Speaking Engagements with option of having Breathwork Sound Journey- ($3,333 and up)

disclaimer: Christina White Wolfe is only a facilitator for you. It is whatever is in your highest good is what will happen and whether you are ready for truth.  Because if you are... then hold on. She doesn't mess around. Truth.. No sugar coating. Powerful, Efficient Results.  

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