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Sacred Water Releasing Ceremony 


Come to the Sacred Water Releasing Ceremony

Release what no longer serves you and purify yourself with the loving waters of Puerto Rico.  Immerse yourself in Breathwork and Sound and
feel the peace and unconditional love throughout your body.  

March 14 Monday 10:30am-12:30pm 

$44 donation requested

IMPORTANT INFO: There is limited space. Registration is needed to attend.  Lunch is not provided but  we will stay after the Ceremony at the beach for more time together if you want to stay.  There are booths that sell Puerto Rican Snacks at Luquillo Beach, mostly fried food.    Please feel free to invite your friends and family who are close to you.  Please do not post this event on a mass distribution.  It is by invitation only.  Children are welcome if they can be by themselves as there will be exercises that will be difficult for you to participate in if you need to keep an eye on a little one. Pets are not allowed but service animals are welcome. They must be on leash and next to the owner at all times. Please do not bring energetic dogs as it has disrupted other guests in the past. Thank you for your cooperation.

1. Send donation via PayPal or Venmo (see below) or cash on day of ceremony.   Please list your name and what ceremony the donation is for. List your full legal name and your email so we can send the details. 
2. Once donation is received you will receive a confirmation email with the address, how to prepare for ceremony and what to bring etc.  It  will be sent a few days before the Ceremony.  
3. If donating by cash day of, please email me that you are coming to with your full legal name and names of guests. 


PAYPAL -  CLICK HERE  (Please use friends or family NO FEE option)
VENMO-  @christinawhitewolfe (security code is 0895) 

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