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We provide an intense group workshop or retreat specifically developed for CEO's, Executives, Entrepreneurs and people who want to make MASSIVE CHANGE to the MASSES. The intention is to release stress as efficiently as possible and to bring in mind blowing creativity like never before.  We use breathing techniques and other out of the box techniques to provide us the most efficient way to get to the NEXT level. Think Ayahuasca mind blowing journey without the Aya.  Of course, if you aren't open, then it might not be.  You are in control of your journey.  We do not have a magic pill for you.  

By simply breathing deeply, listening to our specialized music, having a place of calm and us as a guide, we can assist you in releasing stress from your life.  We will bring you into a Theta Brain Wave State by just our breathing techniques!  The Theta State is a state of very deep relaxation and commonly found during REM Sleep.   It is in this state where you will feel relaxed and absolute perfect calm. It is very possible to bring you to this state in less than an hour when you work with us versus many many hours in meditation that most people have to do to get into this state.    Besides helping them release stress and gaining clarity on next steps and opening the creative mind to possibilities in their work, we will also create a bond, trust, respect and appreciation for one another within your group like no other.  This will be one of the most efficient, rewarding team building you will ever come across. 

state.  Most of us are busy and do not have time to allot for hours of meditation therefore we are a

n efficient source for you.  Stress causes many health problems and by doing this Breathing Meditation you can help ensure a healthier life for you and your family.  

Christina has worked in the investments field at Merrill Lynch Private Client, Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo Investments and is a founder of multiple small businesses.  She understands the stress level of executives and therefore can relate.

*This is a very intense workshop. This is meant to break your current mindset and bring in the unbelievable. Contact me to get your group qualified.

*One on One Private Sessions  may be available for game changers only or emergencies. 

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