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Tulum, Mexico 2022 Retreat

tulum retreat.png

11 - 11- 22
5 or 7 day wellness retreat

Cacao, Breathwork Sound Ceremony

Cacao and Ecstatic Dance 

Co-Creation of a Collective Song/Spoken Word Workshop

Deep Reflections Workshop

Detox Mind and Body

Activation of  your God/Goddess Energy

CommUNITY Connection Workshop



Excursions to:

* Cenotes/Swimming holes

* Tulum Ruins

* Beach

tulum ruins.jpeg

Magic happens when a group of respectful, kind and earnest souls come together to co-generate a high vibe community field. Deep joy and nourishment becomes available and the connections made feed those that participate for years.


What happens after we sit in ceremonies and work with the plant medicines? What happens after much personal development and transformation work? Dare I say that we learn how to enjoy life in a deeper way?! We learn to surrender to our imperfections in a loving way. Is there such a thing as a fully healed human being? We can learn creative ways to honor and hold the pain and suffering we all experience such that our imperfections and shortcomings aren’t problems we need to disappear before we can say we’re fully healed. We can live a very full and satisfying life however imperfect we are and however many growth opportunities lay before us.


Imagination is one of the greatest weapons in the fight against mental, heart or soul slavery. A key to existential satisfaction, freedom and how joyful we are in this life can be found in the way life occurs to us. The way we relate to ourselves, others and reality determines, to a very large degree, how satisfied and free we are. Let’s get to the root of our reality beliefs together and make sure that these are serving us…

Let's get together and PLAY and have FUN while learning and ascending! Alexis Fllow and I WELCOME you with big arms!


Alexis Fllow and Christina White Wolfe

if you are interested please email me at for a discovery call to learn more. We will see if this retreat is right for you and you right for the retreat.  Go to therapy for a year and spend $15K??? Or come to a fun, out of this world retreat instead for the same results for waaaaay less. 

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