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WILD WOMAN PAMPER AND PLAYVegas RetreatJuly 3-6 2024

Experience the ultimate fusion of empowerment and glamour at the Wild Woman Retreat led by Christina White Wolfe and Unity Grace. Join us in a luxurious 3-day journey designed to awaken your inner wild woman amidst the vibrant energy of Las Vegas. From confidence-boosting workshops to sensuality exploration and leadership development sessions, immerse yourself in a transformative experience tailored for a conscious woman. After we indulge in a glamorous beauty workshop, we will have a mini Cacao Ceremony.   Dancing sober on ceremonial cacao offers a different uniquely euphoric experience, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the music and movement without any inhibitions. It's a soulful journey of liberation and connection, where every step becomes a celebration of inner joy and a truly deep connection to yourself and the music.  You will have the option to unwind poolside with relaxing moments and/or dance at a poppin pool party, complete with DJ-led beats.  After our pool party, get ready to glam up again and join us for an evening of elegance and indulgence as we dine on delectable cuisine at a luxurious dinner venue. It's a chance to sparkle and savor sumptuous dishes while basking in the company of fellow empowered women. Get your finest attire ready for a night to remember. 


The next day we do it all over again except this time it is a full day of workshops with a nighttime glam makeover, delectable cuisine and optional dancing with a well renowned DJ artist with over 5 million followers. Together we will toast to a newfound sisterhood and celebrate your journey of self-discovery in true Vegas style, where every moment is infused with empowerment and excitement.

July 3rd Wednesday 7pm Opening Circle 

July 4th Thursday Workshops, Glam Makeover, Mini Cacao Ceremony, Pool Party,  Dinner

July 5th Friday      Workshops, Pool Party, Glam Makeover, Dinner, Optional Dancing 

July 6th Saturday  11am Closing Circle

BOOK NOW FOR $222 off if non refundable deposit of $250 received by 6/24

*This is a sober retreat. Our meeting place will be at a private location on the Las Vegas strip. 

For more pricing and more information please set up a discovery call here.  

Much Love, 

Miss Wolfe and Unity Grace

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