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In person or on zoom 

*One on One Breathwork for Clarity for next Steps, Releasing Stress, Unleashing your highest Potential, Unlocking Gifts, Finding your purpose 

*Whole Body Recalibration with light breathwork to recalibrate the whole mind and body and release pain, stress and unblock old programs and remove stuck energy in the body that can cause dis-ease, cancer, illness and pain. If in person we may intuitively use pressure points to pinpoint the stuck energy and remove.  If on zoom, we can still intuitively find the stuck energy and remove if in your highest good. 

​*Coaching/Therapy- package of 5 hours  (phone or zoom) (free 15 min discovery call)

*Private Cacao Breathwork Sound Ceremony starts at $1,555

*Birthday and Wedding Cacao Ceremonies starts at $2,222

*Retreats for Corporations and Privates- Contact for a specialized quote

*White Wolfe Breathwork Certification- Contact us

Speaking engagements- Contact us

​We are based in Puerto Rico and California but can travel for a fee.


We got you...

Let us know what you need. Talk to us. 

There is a 15 min free consultation on what your needs are and if we think we can help you.

Email us at to schedule your free 15 min.  


You deserve it.

You deserve to feel good.  You deserve love.  You deserve abundance.  You deserve to be the best version of yourself.  


Breath work courses based on your needs

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