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The WHITE WOLFE EXPERIENCE is not just Breathwork. It is a combination of the White Wolfe Breathwork and a Transformative Sound Journey.  When the experience is in person,  we like can also offer a Cacao Ceremony.  


CEREMONIAL GRADE CACAO has been used for thousands of years in sacred ceremonies to help us reach euphoric states of bliss, release what no longer serves us, and connect again to nature, ourselves, truth.   It is chocolate in the pure raw unprocessed high grade form. 

We also use sound to assist us in this transformation.


SOUND JOURNEY/HEALING is a universal statement for different instruments being used to raise the vibration of oneself. Instruments such as voice, drumming, and singing bowls help you obtain a meditative state in which to assist in your expansion of your consciousness. Our instruments are tuned to 432hz to assist in more efficient and powerful healing. 


Through BREATHWORK White Wolfe helps bring clients from the beta brain wave state to a theta brain wave state which is a light meditation to access higher consciousness. In this state of mind you can reprogram your brain and start dominating in all sectors of your life.

Most likely you will enter the theta brain wave state of meditation and reprogram your brain and experience the following:

  • releasing stress , anxiety, depression

  • opening up creativity

  • bringing in clarity and peace

  • healing trauma

  • releasing old negative patterns

  • making amends with loved ones

  • the body miraculously feeling better and healing spontaneously

  • clarity on what to do next

  • aha moments that are life changing

  • manifest abundance

  • manifest love

  • reverse aging

  • and more!


If you cannot attend an in person White Wolfe Experience ceremony, then come join us online in your own personal experience in the comfort of your own home.  


  • - Unique, transformative White Wolfe Experience- White Wolfe Breathwork with Sound Healing Journey

  • - How to stay sane through stressful times

  • - Introduction to the Nervous System

  • - What is Breathwork

  • -What is the Theta Brainwave State and how to get there

  • - Benefits of the Theta Brainwave State

  • - What are your Chakras

  • - What are Singing bowls and how they relate to chakras

  • - Why instruments tuned to 432hz matters and the healing it offers

  • - Light code activations and what they are

  • - Unblocking your blockages

  • - Feeling of peace and harmony

  • - Releasing stress and anxiety

  • - How are you currently feeling assessment

  • -After the White Wolfe Experience- Integration and After Care

  • -Info on our private retreats and other workshops


How much is your sanity and well being worth to you? Invest in yourself. You are worth it.



Love Bug Medicina

When you open the heart, all is possible. 


A breathing technique commonly practised during yoga could potentially be used as a treatment for brain disorders, including depression.

New research from the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) BioDesign Lab has found that 'yoga breathing' - breathing through one nostril at a time - alters the activity in the brain. The technique, familiar to many devotees of the discipline, is popular in yoga classes and is usually controlled by hand.

The research, led by research fellow and Director of Research for the New Zealand College of Chiropractic (NZCC) Dr Imran Khan Niazi and Associate Professor David White, shows that changes in brain activity can be measured in response to yogi nasal breathing. 

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